miércoles, 2 de julio de 2008

Split in 2

I wear my pain like a coat, asking
Will this hide me from the rain?
But I just get soaked cause my coat’s wrapped around me
Hiding me from
The Son
The only one
Who can save me

My coat
It’s long and dark
Like a road

It keeps a closed pocket over my heart
So my coat hangs strong but my own seams fall apart

Yeah, in my heart
I fall with a pen made of the blackest ink

Split in two
Long and dark
Like a road
A coated road
A dying rose
That burns my heart

Carved into my heart
A jotted, jabbing listing of what I was missing
It filled my pen to the top till it burst and bled a stain on my heart
On my already heavy coat
My closed pocket
Yeah, my ballpoint pen broke me
To my breaking point
And I cried
I cried
Because the ink was blacker than blood

I guess these streaks under my arms were just pen
I thought that soon
They’d seep through
And my life, my blood, with streaming, screaming, scarlet tears and all
Would fall
Into a closed casket
But it never did
Because I never asked it

But even still
The felt tip pen
I felt it then
And pledge that I never again will

Yeah, I’m still alive
Today I strive
I’ll survive
Because I’ve found my life
And shed my coat
To see my skin
I’m finally comfortable in

By Josh Lafferty

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