miércoles, 2 de julio de 2008

Prick my skin

Nuevamente un trabajo de Josh Lafferty, enjoy!!!

Prick my skin
With cold, sharpened words
Hidden in your mind
Pale my face in the scarlet tides
My life
And throw it to the world
I owe it to the world
Rip my heart open wide

So you can see
This sanity in me
This madness that lingers in my dark
Just reach out
My still, yet beating, bleeding heart
Rip, slice, and dig
Until you’ve found the warmth
That holds me here

Peer past my skin
Dig me out
See my sanguine drowning
And the sky with broken clouds

Reach inside the grave
Set the bones in place
To hold the soul together
Don’t let it cascade away

The stockades
Made of dirt
The dearth I birth
Sick, the apple rotten,
The root of my eye, I’ve lost the Earth

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