miércoles, 2 de julio de 2008

Moon of all ages

Otra vez un trabajito en inglés y nuevamente escrito por Josh Lafferty...

I watched the beaming Moon as it floated serene and high
in the ever-darkening vastness of an endless, starry sky.
But as I sat alone in a cool, bronze sea of wheat,
I lost interest in the night and got up on my feet.
Then, a warm and gentle summer breeze whisked by and I was stunned!
“Stay a while!” it roared. “I’ll bequeath to you what you’ve shunned!”
Very hesitantly, I stayed, while the breeze whispered of pasts unknown.
Towards the end of my lesson however, new thoughts I began to condone!
For you see,
the breeze taught me that the Moon is not an earthly treasure, looked upon and forgotten.
Its magnificence thrives forever through the ages it’s begotten!
To think that the still existent Moon witnessed God’s Creation of Man!
It has outlasted every Empire and shined upon the Lamb!
The entire history of our world; all of it seen by the Moon!
I shuddered in disbelief and gave a little croon.
The thought of it was miraculous, wonderful, and awe-inspiring!
I sighed a little more as I sat there, admiring.
Every war, every miracle, every death and birth!
Every tear, every smile, and every leader on this Earth!
Many years have passed now, since my night in a sea of wheat,
but if I were to go there again I would most definitely have a seat!
And so,
the next time you’re alone at night, not feeling much at ease,
sit a while and listen to the story of a breeze.

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