martes, 1 de julio de 2008

Baby its warm outside...

Oh baby, I want to be able to say that my heart is a warm place, but the truth is you let it freeze and now I cant find a place where you would be comfortable inside it.

Oh baby, I think you should leave now, and its not like I don't want you, but I'm sure you'll be happy somewhere else, like I am right now. You won't be happy with me, because you don't make me happy anymore.

Oh baby, Im sure you will understand this, or maybe you just cant, because you haven't been through the pain that you made me suffer, when you do I'll give you a pain-killer or a baindaid to heal your heart.

Oh baby, I wish things were different. But you know, you got lost and I found myself, so I think we are in 2 different worlds. Turn around and get your own trail.

Oh baby, I hope this is not the last time I talk to you. I want you to find your warm place. Oh baby its warm outside...

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